Dermal filler – things to know

Everyone wants to look young in spite of their age. And the dermal fillers are the right solution for them to achieve the goal they are in need of. This is a highly popular cosmetic treatment which has attracted more number of people in the recent days. Many people prefer this kind of treatment even for improving their skin hydration to a greater extent. But practically the people who are coming across this treatment for the first time should be aware of certain things. The following discussion will help in revealing those important things which are to be known before starting the treatment.


The people who are new must realize the fact that this treatment is of many different types. This includes permanent, temporary and semi permanent filler. This is classified based on the type of ingredients that are used for this treatment. The temporary fillers are the one that is made up of hyaluronic acid. The result of this treatment will last up to nine months. While considering the semi permanent filler, it will have added collagen along with hyaluronic acid.  The result of this filler will last up to two years. The permanent fillers are not highly preferred in current trend.

Do they have side effects?

As mentioned above, the temporary and semi permanent dermal fillers are highly preferred in current trend. This is because they tend to have highly negligible side effects which will not cause any great impacts over health. The people who are new to this procedure will have mild redness around the treated area. And there will be mild discomfort for certain time period. In some extreme cases there will be swelling for one or two days. But all these effects are curable and hence can be neglected easily.

Post treatment

One of the most important advantage about the dermal filler is they will not require great post treatment. Hence one can remain stress free after the treatment. However, there are some constraints that are to be followed one or two days after the treatment. For example, one must avoid getting exposed to massaging for one week. In case if there is any kind of irritation or swelling in the treated area, one can provide cold compress in order to feel better recovery within short span of time. In case if the experts tend to suggest any other treatment depending upon the skin condition, it should also be followed without any constraint.