Bariatric is derived from a combination of Greek words that means weight coupled with treatment. In generic terms it deals with prevention and dealing with various issues pertaining to weight loss. When you are confronted with excess weight gain this medical condition goes by the name of obesity. In the next few years it is going to be one of the silent killers and along with hypertension and diabetes is going to emerge out as a major cause of concern. It deals with a variety of symptoms of being morbidly obese to mildly being overweight. Patients who are victim of the latter do not respond to any form of treatment methods.

This does include a host of procedures that is undertaken on people who are obese. This is done where the size of a stomach is reduced with the help of an implanted device termed as gastric binding. Sleeve gastrectomy is another procedure where a portion of the stomach is being removed. The long term impact of this surgery assures better quality of life and mortality ration does drop down to the tune of 25 %. But one thing is for sure when you are obese the body is a breeding ground for a host of diseases in the form of blood pressure, heart attacks strokes etc. The only way you can put a full stop to it is if you opt for a bariatric surgery.

Do you qualify as a candidate?

The surgeons operate on teens as well as patients who are in their late 60’s. Since it is rated to be a last course form of treatment you should opt for this form of treatment when all other treatment methods have failed to provide you with desired results. A candidate must be prone to severe obesity problems as well.

First and foremost to be classified as a candidate for this forms of surgery you need to be morbid obese. This would mean that your body mass index needs to be above 40

After surgery

Once the surgery is over you will be asked to stand up and walk a little bit. It is also suggested that as part of your recovery process you do walk several times up and down in your house. Do be aware of the fact that you would need some form of assistance for the first few days after the surgery. The recovery phase of each and every individual tends to vary as some may require assistance for a few days whereas some may require for the entire duration of their life. The general type of assistance that is required would mean that someone would need to drive you to the hospital.

The best bariatric surgeon in India provide adequate pain relief measures. The duration coupled with the severity of the health condition with regards to the patient is illustrated. In case if you are provided with local anaesthesia it does point to the direction of less pain and recovery time works out to be lesser as well.