More women have cellulite than men. As observed that women are well endowed and the presence of fat on the hips and thighs may well give rise to the cellulite condition. Cellulite gets worse with age, as the skin gets sagging and the collage production is reduced. The decrease in muscles production, lessening of physical activity all contribute to the obviousness of the cellulite in the body. Cellulite runs in families and passed on from generation to generation, so there is no escaping if your grandmother, mother etc.

Have had cellulite problems, you sure would be the next one to pass it on to. Exercise can definitely reduce the presence of cellulite in the body and may give a smoother appearance of skin due to the various strengthening exercises. Certain foods help reduce or break down fat and good for your skin. It is always good to have a well balanced diet and lot of veggies with greens included to give a better skin appearance. Learn more about cellulite and cool sculpting on http://www.russakdermatology.com/coolsculpting-new-york-city/.

How it is medically known

In medical terminology it is known as adiposis edematosa. And also lot of other names but commonly known as the mattress phenomenon. It is a secondary sex characteristic usually found in post pubescent females.

The causes may vary from the physiology of the person, the metabolism and diet, genetic factors, the alteration of connective tissues, the sex specific dimorphism skin architecture especially in females, micro circulatory system, subtle inflammatory alterations and skin matrix of the person has a whole lot to do with the cellulite formation in the body.

Cellulite affects a lot people especially 90% of women at some point in their lives as they have certain kind of fat and connective tissues. There are three kinds of cellulite grading system in medicine

The first grade has no clinical symptoms and only an anatomical examination will suggest the changes in the adipose tissue. The second grade change in the colour of the skin and you could visualize the pastimes in the skin colour which is obvious. There is also decrease in the temperature where cellulite is present. In the grade three all the grade three signs but even more wrinkly skin texture like an orange peel where this cellulite is formed.

Having cellulite is not life threatening and it is common myth that only obese people have cellulite but the truth is that even thin people have cellulite but it isn’t so obvious. If obese people workout and reduce their weight they may have some success in getting rid of some of the cellulite in their body. Visit http://www.russakdermatology.com/coolsculpting-new-york-city/ for a comprehensive knowhow of cool sculpting and more.

By reducing weight or going on help diets will not contour the body, but trying to keep the body hydrated and well fed with lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts, greens and also exercising and leading a stress free and healthy life style but getting sufficient sleep and rest with regular health check ups will keep your skin, the firmness and radiance for a longer period of time even during old age.