Prostate Cancer Screening Importance

It is always a good idea for one to undergo a cancer screening test and that includes the prostate-specific antigen which helps in the detection of prostate cancer signs. Prostate cancer screening can help in early detection of cancer cells. For you to be sure that you are not likely to acquire prostate cancer, it is better to undergo the normal PSA test along with a digital rectal exam. It is however not necessary for men who are 70 and older to undergo such test. Professional medical organizations have different views on who should undergo the PSA test. There are those that follow definitive guidelines while there are those that allow the men to and their doctors to decide. Most organizations do recommend PSA screening on men who are between 50 and 70 and those who are at a high risk of getting prostate cancer. It’s a good thing that prostate cancer screening is available in Singapore and many other countries.

Getting a PSA test is simply a decision that you do on your own. It is something you decide on after you consult with your doctor and considering your risk factors and your personal preferences. The best advantage of a PSA test is that detecting early signs of cancer early can be a life and death matter. Elevated PSA results may likely show prostate cancer that may spread or metastasize to other parts of the body. The results may also reveal a fast-growing cancer that can cause many other problems.

Through early detection and treatment, the cancer can be prevented from becoming life-threatening or from causing serious problems in health. In most cases, identifying cancer early means that the treatment will be less aggressive. This can help prevent adverse effects from treatment such as erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

Many of you may ask how the PSA test is done. The test includes drawing blood straight from the arm. The results of which will be sent to the lab. The results will often be released after several days. Now you better understand what an elevated PSA level is. Elevated PSA levels may indicate that you have prostate cancer or any noncancerous condition such as enlarged prostate or prostatitis. There are also factors that can affect your PSA level. These are your age and the medications you take. As a man ages, the PSA level will go up even if you have no prostate concerns. There are some medications that have an effect on PSA levels. You have to inform your health care provider if you are taking dutasteride or finasteride. These drugs may be able to lower falsely one’s PSA levels by half of the normal level. When you have a high PSA level, your doctor may recommend that you get a prostate biopsy for you to be tested for cancer.

There are natural ways that men can do to reduce their PSA levels. Number 1 is to engage in regular physical exercise. Weight gain is often enhanced by excessive estrogen levels in men which can affect their prostate health. Studies have shown that those who regularly engage in yoga, swimming, running, and meditation have lower PSA levels not only due to controlled weight but by reducing inflammation caused by stress.