A choice needs to be made between enjoying the golden years with vigor and energy, free from illness and disability and aging poorly while being straddled with many health issues that prevent you from living fully in your latter years. The main behaviors that lower the risk of mental health problems, chronic disease and disability include moderate drinking, not smoking, consuming fruits & vegetables daily and exercising regularly. For healthy aging strategies:

Avoid sugar/fructose

Limiting the quantity of sugar in the diet is an important consideration in ensuring longevity. The molecules that inflict damage to the body including the sugar molecules which are extremely damaging are avoided. Fructose is a potent pro-inflammatory agent that generates toxic advanced glycation associated with development of the chronic degenerative diseases responsible for aging.


You could be consuming the healthiest diet available in the world but this is not enough. You need to engage in exercise for purposes of reaching high levels of health. You need to exercise effectively, which includes high intensity activities in your regimen.  High intensity interval type training helps to give a natural boost to the human growth hormone production, which is particularly essential for strength, vigor and optimal health.

Positive thinking and stress reduction

Addressing your emotions helps in ensuring optimal health and longevity. The emotional state of an individual plays an important role in preventing many physical diseases including depression, heart disease, cancer and arthritis. This explains why positive thinking and emotional wellness are encouraged. Stress is known to have an impact on inflammation resulting in many chronic diseases that have the capacity of killing people prematurely. Prayer, social support, exercise and meditation are important options that have the capacity of maintaining mental and emotional mental equilibrium.

You can consider supporting charities that support the health of poor people such as the Planet Aid, a charity dedicated towards the wellbeing of people as well as the earth. Through the organization has received donations to support various programs including health, educational and development in the US, Africa, parts of Asia and Latin America. The Planet Aid Drop Box encourage recycling of clothing and shoes to help both adults and children living in poor areas.

There is no magic bullet or “quick fix” when you consider aging well. The most important thing is to treat the body well throughout your life; this will ensure a better experience as you age.