Know about Somatropin before you start taking supplements

The growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland. The growth hormone releasing hormone stimulates the anterior pituitary gland when the brain got a feedback of the low levels of the growth hormone in the blood. Then the pituitary gland produces the growth hormone that has many physiological functions. When the levels of the growth hormone becomes high, then a feed back is sent to the brain. In such cases, somatostatin inhibits the anterior pituitary gland and stops producing the growth hormone. In this way the optimum levels of the growth hormone in the body is maintained. The growth hormone functions to increase the bone height in the children.  Once the bone reaches its maximum level of growth then the growth hormone helps to increase the bone and muscle mass. The levels of growth hormone is maximum when you exercise, sleep and during stress. The levels of growth hormone decreases in pregnancy. And in some conditions of injury and surgery at the pituitary gland may decrease the levels of growth hormone. Such conditions should be monitored and hghproducts should be given as the supplements.

Benefits of using the growth hormone supplements:

  • In many cases deficiency of growth hormone is due to the brain tumors. Even the radiotherapy may affect the production of the growth hormone. The supplements for the growth hormone can be given in the adults who have the deficiency of the growth hormone.
  • The supplements of the growth hormone in the adults results in the decrease of the body fat, increase in the muscle mass, increase in the exercise capacity and increase in the bone density.
  • The growth hormone supplements are also taken as the anti aging substance. Athletics and the film stars are always concerned about their age. They want to look better even in their old age. Such people take the growth hormone injections for looking young. But excessive use of growth hormone supplements can affect your health. The levels of the growth hormone should be near to the optimal levels in the blood for a good health.
  • The excessive use of the growth hormone injections may lead to many problems. If they are taken in the excess quantities may lead to the swelling of muscles, legs, arms. Retention of the fluid in the body occurs. The bone density may get affected due to the excessive growth hormone.


The levels of growth hormone should be maintained when injections are taken.