How To Treat Corns On Bottom Of Feet

If any part of your skins faces repeated friction from rubbing or developing more pressure in a particular area. As a result, your skin combines and form round like structure, which hardens your skin and also causes irritation on that particular spot. This kind of skin problem is known as Corns. Usually, these develop on feet, and if not treated in time it also may lead to painful inflammation on your skin. In this article, we will discuss what the possible causes of Corns are. Why treating corns on bottom of feet is necessary? And how can you treat foot corns?

Possible Causes of Feet Corns

  • The possible cause of feet corns is wearing shoes that are uncomfortable or maybe small in size. As a result, it continuously creates friction and damage to your feet.
  • Women who regularly wear high heeled shoes also have chances to suffer from foot corn as it creates pressure in a particular part of their feet.
  • If you are an athlete and you need to do continuous running for a long duration.
  • If you are involved in some kinds of jobs like construction or mining, where you have to do a lot of heavy work.
  • Standing for a longer duration of time.
  • If you walk in an improper manner, which results in your feet rubbing to the other parts of the shoes and can easily cause foot corn.

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Why Are Treating Corns Necessary?

It is necessary for treating corns on bottom of feet because corns are usually not painful, but if not treated in time, it can cause permanent damage to the part of the skin where it has occurred.

How You Can Treat Foot Corns

If treated earlier, foot corns can be easily cured and can also be stopped from further occurring; there are some ways which can help you to treat foot corn easily they are,

  • You can soak your feet in warm water and, after that, moisturize it with any lotion or cream and continue to do this process until you find satisfactory results.
  • Many kinds of rubbing stones available can be used to rub your feet, and further wash it with soap can also help to prevent the growth of the corn on your feet.
  • There are many medicated creams and lotions that can also be used to treat corns as these ointments are needed to be applied directly on the skin, which helps to recover your feet at a faster rate.

Feet corns can easily be detected if you are facing any pain when wearing a shoe or any part of your skin has got hardened up, and sometimes a red blister also occurs on your feet, it is recommended to treat it as fast you notice it as with more time you can suffer from permanent damage.