Does CBD work as a treatment for amnesia?

When talking about cannabis or its derivative products and the alterations it can cause to memory, the general tendency is to think that they always have negative consequences on memory. But this is not entirely true. Since the active ingredient in marijuana that causes these negative repercussions is only tetrahydrocannabinol. And there are more than 110 cannabinoids in its composition, in addition to this one. Click here for cbd near me.

Difficulty doing research on the subject

Before starting to talk about cannabidiol and human memory, it is necessary to emphasize something on which all experts who are dedicated to research agree: researching it is not an easy task. Contrary to the conception of it as a uniform entity that exists from the outside, it consists of a series of very different processes.Visit this site for cbd near me.

For example, the ability to remember and execute basic day-to-day tasks that are carried out automatically. Or that of not forgetting specific events or lived episodes and being able to remember how to carry out complex tasks and procedures.

Improvement of neuroreceptors involved in memory

CBD is a powerful regulator of brain activity. It acts on serotonin receptors and keeps them at optimal levels.

Among other things, serotonin regulates memory. So consuming cannabidiol can be a way to keep it in good condition. Some researchers suggest that combining it with a healthy lifestyle could prevent the natural deterioration of the same that occurs over time. Or slightly improve that of those people who tend to forget things.

Gradual loss in Alzheimer’s

During the progression of the disease, various inflammations occur in the brain. These cause oxygen molecules to be released in much higher amounts than usual, which activate oxidation sequences. The patient is forgetting his memories due to the damage caused by these two phenomena.

For its part, cannabidiol manages the behavior of the cells that give rise to inflammation (chemokine and cytokine), helping to minimize this type of reaction. In addition, its molecular composition makes it have antioxidant qualities.

The trials that are being carried out are aimed at delaying the consequences of the disease by relying on these anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics. Although the investigations are still in very early stages and there are no conclusive data on the results.

CBD in amnesia due to brain trauma

Other lines of research are aimed at clarifying whether this element could be of help for people who have suffered total or partial amnesia due to some type of brain trauma.

Obtaining reliable conclusions in this area would open the door to treatments to improve the well-being of athletes who suffer frequent blows to the head, such as American football players or professional wrestlers. Also to help accident victims recover more quickly.


What if there is firm evidence is that it contributes to shortening the intervention of tetrahydro-cannabinol. This cannabinoid is responsible for the psychoactive reactions of the “herb” and causes disturbances in the cognitive functions of regular users, especially those who have been doing it for many years.

Thanks to its use, these sequels are reduced. Therefore, choosing strains that have a high content of cannabidiol will help to mitigate this deterioration and the recovery of users. Another way to achieve this could be by using a CBD-based product, such as an oil or tablets, as a kind of supplement.