Everything You Should Know About The Clarity Eye And Surgery Centre

Are you someone who lives in Honk Kong and is in search of an ophthalmologist who could help you get better with your vision or some other issue related to your eyes? If you are also amongst the list of individuals then worry not, you are at the right place reading this guide as this will provide you with the information, you have been trying to gather.

It is no brainer that Honk Kong also have numerous Eye Care Centres like many other countries. But since you are here, you all must be looking for something worth your money and provides you with the right quality of care and one such centre is Clarity Eye and Surgery Centre.

About the Centre

The Clarity Eye and Surgery Centre was established in 2005 & has been proudly offering comprehensive ophthalmic services in the field of surgery to the public of Hong Kong. Owning a pair of healthy eyes is extremely crucial to lead a happy and comfortable life, as it is amongst the most important organs in the human’s body. Keeping this thing in mind, they care about the eye health of each Hong Kong citizens and offer the opportunity for the professional optometry and numerous kinds of ophthalmic surgery service at a reasonable price.

Clarity Eye and Surgery Centre

What does It provide?

There is absolutely no shortage when it comes to learning about the offerings of the Clarity Eye & Surgery Centre which are as follows-

  1. The examination of eye for both children and the adults

Most children rely on the eyesight when it comes to absorbing the knowledge, and rightly so the visual development is quite crucial for learning. The examination of the eye is not regarding the refractive errors, however, also for the checking of several other eye diseases like strabismus, amblyopia, and so on.

Also, eye diseases can’t easily be noticed at an early age. However, the more delay you do in receiving the treatment, the worse will be your condition. In general, adults surpassing the age of 40 tend to possess a higher risk when it comes to developing eye diseases like cataracts, retinal degeneration, and macular degeneration, etc.

  1. A comprehensive eye examination at the Hong Kong clinics include:
  • General checking of your health and the eyes condition
  • Refraction test & the Eyesight (amblyopia)
  • A binocular coordination assessment


The moment you think of eye surgery hong kong at Clarity Eye and Surgery Centre, you must question yourself as to why this centre? Well, In case you have no answer this centre will help you with almost any and everything right from a minor operation to other detailed eye treatment.