Drug Test

Drug Test In 1 Week? Here’s What To Do!

So, your employer informed you that you’re going to have a drug test in 1 week. Don’t panic, there’s a solution for everything and drug exams are not something over which you need to be stressed.

First things first, taking drugs is officially illegal, although recreational marijuana is now legal in some US states. Still, most employers want their workers to be clean from any drug and that’s exactly why they are conducting this. Chances are great that you’ll get sacked from work if you come out positive on it. That’s why this is not a joke and you need a maximum serious approach. Here’s more on this here.

The second thing probably the most important here is what kind of test we’re talking about. In very rare cases blood samples are taken to be examined. In most cases, you’re asked to give urine, saliva, or hair sample. All these methods have different ways of getting results and are able to detect drugs in your system for a different period of time. Let’s go over them one by one.

What kind of test are we talking about?

Urine test

The urine test is still the most popular among employers. The reason for this is because it is able to show both drug use and health issues at the same time. The problem with it is that you won’t get sanctioned if you have high sugar levels, but you’ll be fired if it turns out you’ve been using cocaine.

Drug Test

What you need to know here is that different drugs can be seen in a different window frame after you consumed them. The cocaine is only visible in the urine up to 4 days. If you did a lot of it and over a long period of time, this time will be prolonged, and you can get caught even up to 30 days.

When it comes to marijuana, however, chances are much bigger. A single smoke can be detected in the next month. This depends on many factors, but the possibility is there, and it is not something to play with. It’s your job that’s on the line.

The urine flushes the toxins out of our body. You can speed up its work working out, exercise, and drinking detox formulas. However, constant THC users won’t have a chance to break this 1-week frame and come out negative just be drinking a lot of water. They’ll need something else.

Saliva test

The saliva test is conducted by taking a sample out of your mouth. Different machines ask for a different way of taking the sample, but they all come from the inside of your mouth. The results are merely the same as the urinalysis.

The detection window frame is almost the same and the method of cleaning yourself from the toxins is also the same. The saliva is a part of your body fluids so in order to replace it with some new and clean saliva, you need to make a lot of detox procedures.

Hair test

The hair test is the most difficult one. It detects drugs for up to 90 days and it’s almost impossible to be faked. The lab practitioner takes a sample from your hair that will later be examined. Almost all drugs are easy to be found inside the follicle.

Passing it is very hard and there’s almost no chance to do it in one week if you had heave use over the last couple of weeks. The only solution is called the macujo method which is a combination of chemical formulas and shampoos to give your hair a complete makeover and clean it from toxins. It works for light users, but the others will have to hope for the best.

Drug Test

How to solve the urinalysis situation?

If you think that you have no chance to do the detox programs, you need to order synthetic urine online. Click here to pass a urine drug test on short notice and to learn more about what the synthetic urine is.

When you get the fake urine, also called synthetic urine, you need to read the instructions in order to do a good job. If you don’t follow them, you might get trapped by the officials who’ll do everything to see if you lie. Failing to show that the sample is really yours will mean instant failing on the test and you’ll get sacked from work without even getting on the list.

That’s why it’s important to search the internet in finding the right solutions. The ones that will look like real urine and that are made from the right ingredients. It’s wise to ask the manufacturers for the ingredients label because you probably won’t find these products in the stores.

Also, make sure you find some reviews about different products from their previous customers. See if there are negative comments that claim how the substance isn’t working. If you see that people followed the instructions and passed, then you found the right solution for you.


As you can see there are different options regarding what kind of test you’ll be doing. The urine option is still the one that’s most popular and chances are big that this is the one you’ll be asked for. If this is your option, you need to relax as it is so easy to pass in a 1-week period of time.

You don’t even need to do any of those complicated detox programs. No need for feasting, drinking too much water or paying for some extremely expensive detox solutions. All you need to do is get some of the most quality synthetic urine samples and you’re good to go. Read this interesting article connected to the fake pee here: https://metro.co.uk/2018/10/04/human-urine-sales-are-rocketing-with-rise-of-workplace-drug-tests-8002578/

Of course, this is not a time to play games, so you must be aware that giving fake samples is punishable, so make sure you are prepared. Have a clear mind and don’t let anyone notice what you’re doing. If this happens, you’ll lose even more than just your job.