Actions that Honor Self-care

Actions that Honor Self-care

When you hear Mindful Self-Care Practices, it encompasses a whole spectrum of mental and wellness actions that honor your commitments to yourself. Unfortunately, there are times that self-care is buried under the weight of your responsibilities.

When this happens, you need to take a step back and remember the essence of taking better care of yourself. The good news is self-care is not grueling or complex – you just need to consistently apply simple habits each day. This can be amazingly transformative.

Here are some actions that honor self-care:

Enjoy company
When you are in good company, you should not think of other things but simply enjoy it. In this digital era, it is heartbreaking to neglect loved ones because you are busy checking Facebook or Instagram. Social media is not bad but if it starts to monopolise your social life, it is time to disconnect and enjoy what really matters most.

Move your body
It is time that you move your body. This is the most important factor in your overall wellbeing. You will notice that the more you move, the stronger your mental and spiritual health grows. It is better if you can go to the gym. If you cannot, there are other things that you can consider.

Potentia Therapy

For instance, you can practice self-myofascial release through your mat and foam roller. This exercise will stretch your muscles out. This is how you can release the tightness and the tension from your body. After the session, you will feel blissful.

Try therapy
Have you heard about Potentia Therapy? This therapy is a holistic approach that is dedicated to the improvement of the mind, body, and soul. The best part is you can book therapy or consultations based on your needs. It can be individual, family, couple and group.

Taste your food
You are already making an effort to eat healthily but are you taking the time to enjoy your food? If you eat or drink mindfully, they will taste a lot better. By doing so, you are turning every meal into a gratitude practice because you start to notice and appreciate the flavors and colors of the foods that will fuel your body.

Savor your treat
If you are craving for something, you should be able to savor your treat without feeling guilty. The same goes if you treat yourself to a day spa. Treats are special because they do not happen every day. When you are treating yourself, make sure that you are enjoying every moment.

Be present
Whenever you are traveling, you have to be present where you are. If your thoughts are stuck at work, you will not enjoy every moment. Vacations are times to leave the troubles behind so make good use of it.

Notice surroundings
When you are walking or commuting, you should pay more attention to your surroundings. It is easy to get lost in your thoughts that you often miss the things that are going on around you. When you start noticing the warmth of the sun or the breeze of the wind, you can turn your daily commute or walk into a relaxing practice.

You must realise that a little self-care can go a long way. It can significantly help you lead a happier and healthier life.