Why Low Libido is a Common Occurrence

Studies have been conducted suggesting that low libido can be a sign of a more mentally stimulated individual. Perhaps the diversion from sex to other productive activities can be thought of as a reason for such a generalization. While ProSolution Plus where to buy is readily available, an inclusion of the statistic that 43 percent of women and 31 percent of men experience bouts of low sex drive more than seven years ago gives us a hint that not only is this number more likely to increase but that it happens more than people think.

Denial for Men

When such a thing is socially acceptable to talk about for women, men consider the topic of low libido as taboo and in such cases would choose to remedy the condition through a medical professional instead of discussing it with friends or with a group. In some cases, they would resort to supplements such as ProSolution Plus where to buy. Prosolution Plus is a natural supplement that promises the results of improved erectile quality and proper sexual function with just an ingestion of the pill once daily. The medicine is said to have been tested on majority of patients resulting to continued sexual satisfaction.

Lifestyle for Women

When low libido strikes women, there are several possibilities why this is so. Menopause and aging, for instance, have women experiencing hormonal changes. A decrease in estrogen has the effects of vaginal dryness, hot flashes and pain during intercourse and therefore there feels less of a need to bother doing the deed. A behavior in both men and women from the ages of 40-79 find sex unnecessary.

Being Depressed is a Causality

Similar to aging, depression is a factor that can cause a likelihood of low libido regardless of the gender. From a behavioral point of view, being preoccupied with emotional problems prohibit people from being in a state of contentment or even happiness and as a result, sexual function is affected greatly. Furthermore, cycles of low libido and depression inevitably give the individual a feeling of low self-worth that can be even more troubling in the long-run. This is not helped by the fact that most anti-depressants contain the same amino acid (serotonin) that further inhibits sex drive.


Narcotics such as ProSolution Plus where to buy, female hormones and natural sex-boosting supplements can be helpful. When not considering a sudden change, majority of patients using these drugs mention an improvement. For Pro Solutions, each ingredient of the vitamin has a component that increases blood flow to the penis that makes it larger. For women, the effects are less subtle but are visible as time goes by.