In olden days we used to have many trees and no global warming and population was less so we all used to have more of physical activity that is we used to do our own activities by ourself less of machine activities so the human beings were strong enough and immunity built in them was very strong enough to fight with the infections if any caused later on as the machine power started replacing the human power then started the real health issues which made the human turn into patients with multiple problems and also increased their Body mass index. Now in present stage we are all running in a pandemic situation which is affecting the low immunity people a lot, WHO found out a temporary solution for stopping the spread of this problem is to wear a mask and keep social distancing from people then came many mask manufacturing companies providing many varieties of masks which are protecting the human kind from getting infected from this covid 19 the dreadful disease one such is LHM Medical which is providing their customers millions of surgical and procedure masks to the hospitals so that the medical helpers over there can protect the people who are infected with this disease by treating them as well by protected themselves from getting infected.

These masks are acting as the obstacle protection to uninfected people to get infected so wearing a mask has become compulsory every where in the whole world in this present situation. This medical disposable face mask is used by the medical professionals called doctors, nurses and all the people related to medical field as they directly deal with the infected patients, they need to take much care of themselves as well the patients so the disease would not spread out. These surgical masks are one use disposable face masks which are used during when in treating a patient when in contact as the medical helpers would stay a longer time with them, they need a fluid repellent kind of mask so that it can resist any kinds of fluids that are exerted by the patients in the form of respiratory droplets and these masks protect the uninfected from them and helps in treatment.  Though we wear cloth masks with multiple layers these are not considered as the protective masks for the medical helpers as they need to be very careful when treating an infected patient.